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Neighbourhood Development Plan

In June 2022 Grateley Parish Council voted to support the development of a Grateley Neighbourhood Development Plan (GNDP) for our parish. 

Our local community plays an essential role in creating the GNDP

It allows parishioners to come together formally to have a say on the future development of the place in which they live and/or work. This is why the steering Group, set up by the Parish Council, gathered your views on a subject which you are exceptionally well qualified to answer – the place in which you live!

Your view counts

There will be lots of consultations with you, the residents of Grateley Parish, asking for your opinions, views, comments, and ideas about how you would like to see our parish develop in the future. To enable us to communicate effectively with all residents we have set up an email system to send out information about the NDP and to circulate questionnaires to gather your views and opinions.

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NDPs are developed using a legal framework

This means that once the committee has heard from you, they will put together a series of suggested proposals based on your input. These will then go through a formal consultation process with residents and an independent examiner before the final NDP is approved via a local referendum. Once the NDP is successfully adopted it becomes part of the statutory development plan for the local area. It will have statutory powers and will be used to make planning decisions within the parish and will play a vital role in determining the look and feel of Grateley for the future. 

To get the latest information or maybe volunteer to support the development of the GNDP, please contact grateley.plan@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you! 

What's the latest?

October 2022

Results from our First Stage Questionnaire

The Group received 93 responses from parishioners, which are consolidated in the attached document. The results have highlighted the main issues of concern or those of interest to the people of Grateley Parish. It will ensure that the in-depth fact gathering and further consultation, which follows in the next 12 months or so, includes all the key issues for the Parish. Thank you to all the parish residents who took the time to complete the initial questionnaire issued by the Grateley Neighbourhood Development Plan (GNDP) Steering Group.



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